‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all other’ – Winston Churchill

Among many we are one. A Voter!

United by the desire to have good governance. United by wish to have virtuous government.

Democracy is a concept espousing Rule of People. However, across the world all democracies are experiencing flaws on account of false promises and indifference after elections. Voters many times feel they are not honestly informed at the time of campaigning or that they don’t matter once elections are over and government is formed. And the worse part is, at the end, in a democracy citizens are made to feel that government controls them, the people, than they, the people, controlling government. Rule of People in essence gets violated.

Democracy entails being a Voter. As a voter the obligation is on citizens to make right informed decision. In the mid of propaganda warfare, fake news, selective leaks, lies and outright dishonesty – its getting difficult to make that Right Decision,  The power resides ultimately with People as a Voter. But its lost given all the above, of difficult decisions, false promises and ignoring the voter after the elections till next one, the present ways of functioning of democracy requires a fix.

Voters Union (Beta) is thought as the much warranted improvement in the concept of democracy. Imagine the era when at the beginning of Industrial Revolution workers were the exploited lot. Then one day concept of WORKERS UNION came about and it changed the world forever. The living and working standard of masses changed and much of accomplishment of mankind came thereafter.

Similar to Workers Union – Voters Union is rooted in the power of Voters coming together at one place as a VOTER to discuss and deliberate issues which is important or relevant to the society or to to an individual. It is rooted in the fact that in a democracy – The Power To Be – is most influenced by the thought of people as a VOTER and in this direction the institutionalization of an individual voter as a UNION will go far in mending flaws of Democracy as it is practiced today.  

Voters Union, as a baby step in its current form, with your support and active participation, in its natural progression and evolution will rightfully serve in future. Eliminating many complaints in the functioning of the Democracy. And your voice will start to matter.

Kindly feel free to write to us with suggestions and advice to make this idea reach its objective for our common good.

How it Works – 

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The discussion is categorized under the head ‘Nation’ and ‘States’. Further it is categorized under “Politics’ and ‘Government’. Select the category under which you wish to converse or contribute, state your mind or report facts or report happenings and voila off you go. Follow you topic or thread and continue to contribute. In time this will become your place to talk on politics or governance of Nation or various States either to learn or take action or educate others. The future evolution of Voters Union will bring you many features and enhancements to empower you to your rightful place in democracy.

As the motto goes –

Reimagine Your Power

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